Sponsored By:   Deluze Collision Center
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Any player with outstanding balances from last season or has not paid the registration/tryout fee will not be allowed on the ice. No exceptions. 

Please let your Level Director know if you cannot attend.  Subject to change.

Midget Tryout 4 - 4/10 - 8:30 pm

Goalies to be evaluated during Midget Tryout 4:  Siders, Dempsey, Sullivan

Black       Red  
Collins Edward     Allen Jack
Cooper Calvin     Allen John
Cronin William     Bizier William
Fitzgerald James     Cavicchi Cameron
Hagan Michael     Delnickas Caden
Hagan John     Ethier Zachary
Irving Spencer     Generazo Jake
Johnson Nathan     Guilford III Robert
Manning Owen     Johnson Andrew
Masterpolo Michael     McNeilly Sean
McDonald Joshua     Solari Adam
Pike Joshua     Sullivan Ryan
Stoddard Christopher   Towner Zachary
Watson Reed     Wolff Gregory