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Bantam Tryout 3 - 4/10 - 7:20 pm

Any player with outstanding balances from last season or has not paid the registration/tryout fee will not be allowed on the ice. No exceptions. 

Please let your Level Director know if you cannot attend.  Subject to change.


Black Team:   Red Team:
Rocco Calabrese   Jacob Bateman
Connor Finn   Drew Coles
Tommy Jenkins   William Corby
Daniel Joyce   Michael Generazo
John Marchetti   JD Henley  
Billy Morgan   Nathan Hicks
Patrick Murphy   Anthony Invernizzi
Gavin Sampson   Cameron Kral
Nathan Scaccia   Gavin Mackinnon
Thomas Sylvester   Jake McAleer
Devin Walsh   Jackson Nugent
Jackson Wirtanen   Travis Rousseau
Drew Burns        
Nik Feudo        
Connor Paquette